What’s Fiver a Day?

Fiver a Day is healthy investing.  It’s investing for those who might only be able to invest the equivelant of a fiver a day and who want a modern, bright, clear investing advice.  Yes, that’s right.. advice.

We offer incredibly well priced, sophisticated investment advice available but that does not automatically mean we offer the most suitable service for you.  We offer simple advice for clients with simple needs.  But let’s be clear.  We are not suggesting that more expensive is worse, neither are we for clients who have complicated financial needs – we do not take an overall holistic view of your circumstances.

Simply put, in advisory terms, we are not expensive cuisine at a fine restaurant.  We are not haute-couture, neither are we a visit to the opera. We are investing in a slipping on a comfy pair of Levis and nipping down to Waitrose for a premium microwave meal and a night in-front of the telly way.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a good night in.

Fiver a Day is not intended to replace Independent Financial Advice.   UK financial advice is amongst some of the very finest.  Rather, our mission is to use new technology to open up options and to complement existing advice routes, and to help those who are excluded from seeking investment advice on the grounds it is not a cost effective solution to simple needs (or because the process does not fit in around them).

Fiver a Day is not suitable for those intending to invest for under three years or with inadequate or unsuitable financial emergency provision for example, either. We say that, not to deter you, but to let you know that saving instead, and not investing, might be more appropriate. There is an investment advice gap out there and we want to fill it.  We want to fill it in a chic and cheerful way that’s quick, fresh and easy.

  If you’d like to have a quick look at what a Fiver a Day account can do for you, start here.